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Our Programs

Point & Shoot

Point & Shoot is our free youth focused professional development training and internship program in Photography and Videography (documentary) which seeks to harness the talents and hone the skills of young emerging practitioners in this field.

This innovative project is a double edged sword because it empowers youths and develops society.

So our primary objective is to develop and empower participants for self-reliance and also develop society through a public service announcements (PSA) social campaign on social media for public reorientation as participants use these skills to develop PSAs for raising awareness; enhancing cultural/religious tolerance & promoting peaceful coexistence.

Rock International Film Festival (RIFF)/ Rock-Awards

RIFF is the first annual Human rights film festival and Awards held in Jos every November in which we screen Human rights films and have human rights conversation and Q&A sessions around them. The major objective is to raise awareness on human rights issues and abuses; to inspire people to take action and to showcase young filmmakers whose films address social and human rights issues.

The Film Academy-TFA

TFA is an edutainment interactive reality TV show contest created to contribute professionally to the Nigerian film/television industry by discovering, training and engaging the new-breed filmmaker seeking expression in the industry on a ‘filmmaking expedition’ on TV/online


Online information resource database for Nigeria’s creative industry.

Photo/Video Walk

This is a gathering of photographers and videographers who walk around any town or city selected as location for the event to document in pictures and Videos the cultural and tourism interests in that location. After which, these photos and videos would be submitted in the ‘Jos Photo & Video Walk Competition’